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Siracusa Events & Surroundings


Ortigia - Hotel CasaMia

A Charming small island where the city was born, it's a joy to wander.

Its skinny lanes are lined with attractive buildings, small restaurants and cafes, enriched dy refined squares as Piazza Duomo, the most beautiful one, one of Sicily's most spectacular. The entire island is framed by small colorfull houses and walls that look out onto the sea. 

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi - Hotel CasaMia

This museum contains one of Sicily's largest, best organised and most interesting archeological collections.

Is set in the grounds of Villa Landolina, surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden.

Opera dei Pupi

Opera dei Pupi - Hotel CasaMia

The puppet's theatre is set in Via della Giudecca, few steps from piazza del Duomo. Typical part of Siracusa's culture and art, it hosts regular performances. You can also buy puppets at its workshop next door.


Ear of Dionisyus

Ear of Dionisyus - Hotel CasaMia

It's a grotto, part of the Latomia del Paradiso, insiede the Archeological Park.

Was named by Caravaggio after the tyrant, who is said to have used the almost perfect acoustics of the quarry to eavesdrop on his prisoners. 

Greek Theater- Classic Performances

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